January 19, 2008

Your Brand

Like it or not, in this day and age everything has a brand. Or IS a brand.

And if you ask me, having a solid brand is what makes things so cool. It makes things reliable.

Too much marketing mumbo jumbo? Has 'The man' climbed in my head and taken ownership? Think about it.

My dog has a brand. He is a brand. The awesome color, his huge head, his attitude. It's his brand. I have no problem describing my dog to someone because he has such a solid brand.

Can you describe your favorite band to someone if they're all over the place? I'm not even talking musically all over the place, that's a whole different issue, but I mean the whole image and identity they portray. My guess is no.

I think when a lot of people, especially musicians, think about branding they picture a bunch of old white guys in a corporate board room with white walls, deciding how they want the public to see their product/service/company. That's not how it is though. Of course, it can happen like that, but many brands are born by nature.

My dog's brand is natural. It's easier for him, because he is what he is, no matter what. But it's basic evidence of natural branding.

Brand = What others perceive.

there's no need to be scared of it. It's just a word applied to something that's already there. Noticing the 'thing' that's already there and using it to your advantage can only help.

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